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Santa Experience of Texas is not just sitting on Santa's lap for a snapshot...

it is decorating the tree with Santa, checking the naughty and nice list to see if your name is on it, sharing a cookie with Santa and much more. Your child will leave with a memory that will last a lifetime and some reindeer dust to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas eve to be sure they stop at your house.

Your registration includes an 8x10 print but Mom and Dad will have the option to purchase a Storybook to read on Christmas eve that tells the story of their visit with Santa with their name in the story and illustrations of their child with Santa that can be passed on to be read to their own children some day. Or a beautiful illustrated canvas with your little one to decorate your home each year..or other packages.

This is fun for the whole family as you get to watch the look on your child's face as he or she spends that special time with Santa!

Your child will tell everyone about their experience and want to come back year after year!



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Q: What does my Session Fee Cover?

Your session fee covers a one on one private session with Santa in a totally live interactive experience. This is not a traditional sit on Santa's knee for a posed shot, it is a live photojournalist documentation of the child or children's interaction with Santa. We have over 15+ interactive triggers that Santa will naturally flow through depending on the age and cooperation of the participants. Santa will read, sing, place candy canes and other decorations on the tree and a whole lot more. While this is all happening we will be capturing every moment. At the end we can do the family photo for your Holiday Cards, but this is not the focus on what the Santa Experience is all about. It's more than just a photo shoot, its a true experience that the family will talk about for years to come.

The Session includes a print package:  1-8x10 print

Q:Can we Change outfits during the session?

The session time slot is very strict, so any changing of clothing will take away from the shooting time. The time slot cannot be extended based on this lost time. We recommend arriving already in outfits, PJ's etc. prior to arrival and check in.


Q: Can I bring my own props?

We know Pinterest ideas are all the rage, but we can not guarantee the usage of any external props.Thousands of dollars have been invested to create a beautiful upscale interactive set with many triggers that we have already tested. Let the magic of the Santa Experience take flight on its own and you will be amazed.


Q:What happens if my child doesn't cooperate?

There are no guarantees that every child is ready to see and interact with joy with Santa. We have had a 97% success rate in pass years of photographing families. We capture what is present. If there is resistance we can not force happiness and joy on a child. We can however do a "Drop and Run" and have fun images:)

Q: Is this just for Children or can other Family Members Participate in the Session?

This is not exclusively for children. The entire family can participate as well. Keep in mind the more people in the set the more crowded the photos and less attention on the little ones.